5 Miles is a global geo-collaboration app for mobile devices that turns your mobile phone into a broadcaster, connecting you with other 5 Miles users within a 5-mile radius; all thanks to geolocation technology and micro-blogging.

5 Miles allows users (known as Fivemasters) to receive messages on their devices within a 5 mile radius. Since all messages (known as Fivecasts) are renewed within 24 hours, the content remains fresh and updated. The Fivemaster is able to broadcast any Fivecast to 5 Miles users from invitations to garage sales, block parties, notices for lost pets and more in and around the area.

Here’s how it works… In the world of “5 Miles” you get to create a new Fivecast. A Fivecast is a message you broadcast within a 5-mile radius. So as you travel along, you continue to broadcast FiveCasts within that area. In addition, 5 Miles instantly finds other Fivemasters to share your Fivecasts to.

It’s time to turn your Smartphone into a broadcast station! Let everyone in your vicinity know about community events and special sales, or use the app to get help finding someone or something, alerting neighbors or even use it to just express what’s on your mind! With this great geo-location collaboration app from Techno Global, the possibilities are endless.


The protagonist of this digital story. A Fivecast is an electronic geo-message whose only objective is to replicate itself as many times as possible during its existence: 24 hrs. A Fivecast always works on a 5 miles radius from its current location (static or moving)


A Fivenest is any device or equipment that runs 5 Miles. Each Fivecast’s objective is to find new Fivenests in a 5-mile radius to be able to leave a footprint of content. Fivenests are often moving, so are Fivecasts. If a Fivenest happens to get into a Fivecast’s broadcasting coverage, it will be found and will receive the Fivecast’s content.


A Fivemaster could be a person like you and me, or it could be a system (they can create Fivecasts too). 5 Miles is not about who you are, it´s about what you have to say and where you have to say it, and 5 Miles’s Geolocation tech makes it possible to show your content at your exact location!.


Fivequarters is the online system and the physical office where we run 5 Miles from. 5 Miles has been created by Techno Global, a good, spirited company run by young and intelligent developers working out of Orlando, Florida.

Put up a Fivecast

Broadcast your thoughts to the other Fivemasters near you! Every one of them will see your Fivecast on the map, so they know your Fivenest's location!

Check Out Everyone's FiveCasts

Look at the Fivecasts that others put up near you! Connect with other Fivemasters and share your thoughts, ideas, requirements, and announcements.

Go On the Move

No matter where you are, your Fivecasts move with you! Your Fivenest will broadcast its location, along with the message included in your Fivecast, wherever you go.

Your Data in Cloud

Chat with other Fivemasters using text, images, and video! Five Miles makes it easy for you to connect with anyone and everyone instantly.




$ 0.00


App Version

1 GB Storage

Product development

2 Groups

100 Fivecasts/Month

Free 1 month support

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$ 9.99


App Version

50 GB Storage

Product development

Unlimited Groups

Unlimited Fivecasts

Free 1 year support

Download App


Take an overview on how to explore app sections, try app features and configure settings.


MARCH 1, 2015

Initial release


MARCH 3, 2015

FIX:Fixed the bug that mad the app crash when closed..
FIX: Fixed the bug that crashed the app when an image was selected.



– Notifications when a Fivecast is posted near you.
– Comments on every Fivecast.
– Fivemasters groups, create your groups and see only the Fivecasts posted by them.
– Fivecasts with video and audio.